UrbanReel is a full service video production and post production house ready to build your vision from the ground up.

Some of our clients

  • Jamba Juice Recruiting

    Jamba Juice Recruiting


  • Monster Ncredible Candy

    Monster Ncredible Candy


  • Monster Ncredible Pearl

    Monster Ncredible Pearl


  • SaaS Markets

    SaaS Markets


  • Sephora Recruiting

    Sephora Recruiting


  • Adaptive Insights Planning

    Adaptive Insights Planning


  • Adaptive Live 2014

    Adaptive Live 2014


  • Adaptive Insights Process Tracker

    Adaptive Insights Process Tracker


  • Sephora Bumble&Bumble

    Sephora Bumble&Bumble


  • Creative Mornings SF

    Creative Mornings SF


  • SFAMA Rebrand Kickoff

    SFAMA Rebrand Kickoff


  • Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance

    Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance



full service video production & post production

At UrbanReel we offer a wide variety of options to help get your video started, developed, and completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

About Us

we know that video means business

Urban Reel was founded because we know video means business. We work closely with our clients using video to solve any problems they may have. In essence this is the core of what we are. By creating strategic partnerships with our vendors we are able to deliver compelling video content that executes our clients’ vision with the maximum in cost efficiency.

Our experience allows us to provide creative solutions to meet your needs regardless of the budget. Because technology changes at such a high speed customers need a down to earth straight forward company to help them navigate through the ever challenging world of video. This is where we shine, creating and maintaining partnerships with our clients so they never have to feel alone when any video needs should arise. We strive to make the whole production experience fun. It’s the reason we’re here because to us video is more than a profession, it’s a passion.

Our Team

the reel crew

Jason Burns

Jason Burns

executive producer

Jason first became interested in the video and film industry in the late 90’s. At the time he was working as a film extra for major motion pictures and became very interested in the process itself. After graduating from San Francisco state with a degree in broadcasting, Jason began his career as a camera man working on a foreign film that was mostly shot in the San Francisco Bay Area. Soon after his film experience, Jason started working at a digital video agency as a producer. Through this experience, Jason envisioned a company that specialized in creating compelling video, for business. It is this vision and drive that puts UrbanReel at the forefront of the digital evolution.

Jason Burns

David Goodin

head of production

Graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Video Production, David entered the workforce as a freelance video production assistant. His passion and dedication to camera work coupled with his snowballing production experience and skill began landing him jobs as director of photography, director, and producer for many highly respected production agencies in the Bay Area. David’s comprehensive understanding of the production process and fun energetic attitude make him a great fit here at UrbanReel as our Head of Production.



Daniel Bio

Daniel Wong

head of post-production

After realizing genetics and a overall lack of athletic ability probably won’t allow him to play shortstop for the A’s or run point for the Warriors, Daniel followed his second passion, starting his career in post-production video. After years serving as a Video Editor and Motion Graphics Artist for clients such as Google, Sprint, Intel, Circulon, Sephora, 2K Sports, and Monster, Daniel joined the team at UrbanReel. His attention to detail and natural creativity make Daniel the man for the job as our Head of post-production.




Katie Lee

video editor and sound designer

Currently with blue and purple hair (subject to change with the seasons), Katie edits videos and does sound design. When she’s out of the dark, editing Bat-cave, she likes to watch Adventure Time, rock climb, and eat gluten free cupcakes. “My raid will destroy yours any day; Go Grimlock, go.” – Katie






Reel News

what's happening now

Warrior Celebration Drink | Dub Shooters

Warrior Celebration Drink | Dub Shooters

By admin - On Jun 19 - In Uncategorized - With 0 Comment

It has been one amazing season for our very own Golden State Warriors. Their road to become NBA Champions has been full of ups and downs, but now that we hold the NBA championship title it’s time to celebrate in true Dub Nation style… And what better way to celebrate than with a drink! Our very own bartender/editor, Katie Lee, has created the “Dub Shooter”, a flavor filled, blue and yellow shot to keep the festivities of this great win alive. See below for a full list of ingredients and be sure to watch our “how to” video. Share your experience and pics of your Dub Shooters in the comments section to show your support of the NBA champs. GO DUBS! Things You Will Need Orange Juice Pineapple Juice Blue Curacao [...]

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UrbanReel at Dreamforce 2014

UrbanReel at Dreamforce 2014

By admin - On Nov 12 - In Uncategorized - With 0 Comment

Recently, our Executive Producer,  Jason Burns, and I took Dreamforce by storm and had a great time doing it! Dreamforce, a Salesforce event, was brought to us nine [...]

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Sephora Collection Brand Shoot

Sephora Collection Brand Shoot

By admin - On Sep 30 - In Uncategorized - With 0 Comment

  A couple weeks ago, Urbanreel headed downtown to start a beautiful project… literally! Urbanreel teamed up with beauty product giant Sephora for a [...]

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Creative Mornings San Francisco

Creative Mornings San Francisco

By admin - On Feb 20 - In Project Highlight - With 0 Comment

It was a few weeks back when Cliff Englert of Iron Creative reached out to us to discuss partnering to create a new breed of CreativeMornings here in San Francisco. [...]

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Blue Ocean Film Festival

Blue Ocean Film Festival

By admin - On Oct 10 - In Uncategorized - With 1 Comment

Monterey, California By: Jeff Nakahara Amidst ocean fog, industry professionals, and positively charged environmental sentiment, UrbanReel sent their crew to capture [...]

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Summer 2012 Intern Project

Summer 2012 Intern Project

By admin - On Sep 10 - In Uncategorized - With 0 Comment

As the three of us walked into the office of UrbanReel for orientation, we had no idea what to expect. We have all heard stories of how interns become the designated [...]

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