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It’s 2016, and you are looking for a cost efficient video camera to capture
new memories, make high quality videos, and all for a decent price that
won’t break the bank. With so many choices on the market, many
consumers can get confused and even discouraged when looking for a new
HD or 4K video camera. Which features and specifications matter? Will this
be that much better than my smartphone? In this article, you’ll get all you
need to make an intelligent investment that won’t leave you wanting more or worse, regret your purchase.

The Top Video Cameras Out Now:

Panasonic 4K HC-VX870K – $699.99

It is safe to say that many customers in our modern era are looking to take
quality videos to the highest extent for the best price, which at the moment
is 4K video. You can utilize the new Panasonic hand cam model for 4K
recording up to 30 frames per second with a 3840 x 2160 resolution. The
Leica lens on this model is a crisp 8 megapixels with a wide angle and 20x
zoom option. This Panasonic takes balanced videos due to a 5-axis
stabilizer to keep the recording from real time shaking or bouncing. Keep
your smartphone, laptop, or tablet close to share any footage from this
video camera with the WiFi connect feature. The 4K does take up a lot of
battery power as well as memory, so investing in an additional battery pack
and memory sim card could help in the long run.

Sony Handycam AX33 4K – $799.99

The new Sony Handycam has captured the attention of those wanting a
professional grade video camera but also for users at all experience levels.
It comes equipped with the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens that gives optimal
quality for the price at 8 active megapixels for video and 20 megapixels for
photos. The frame rate on this video camera pushes up to 60 frames per
second with a 4K resolution of 6048 x 3400. The top feature on this efficient
model is its NightShot infrared system that pairs well with its balancing
optical steady shot ability for optimally recording videos at night.

GoPro HERO4 Black 4K – $499.99

This small but heavy hitter is the ultimate action camera. The GoPro Hero4
allows users to record hands-free with a variety of attachment options, all
with breathtaking 4K resolution and up to 12 active megapixels. The
Hero4’s standard 24 frames per second can also burst photos at 30 frames
per second or take slow motion footage at 240 frames per second. You can
also take it under water up to 131 feet deep due to its built in underwater

Sony Prosumer AX100 4K- $1699.99

The top of line video camera for those interested in filming movie quality
videos at an affordable cost. The Zeiss lens on this model shoots at 20
active megapixels with 7 aperture blades to greatly improve clarity. The
optical steady shot highly reduces any potential blur. The light weight of
1.75 pounds allows for picture perfect quality shots with fast paced
movement. The BIONZ X image processor promotes quick response and
professional performance.

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